Natural Deodorant

Highly effective natural deodorant. Put an end to body odour, without the Aluminium.

  • Highly Effective

    Works better than many Aluminium based products.

  • Zero Waste

    Ditch the plastic and help the planet.

  • Naturally Vegan

    Plant based and never tested on animals.

  • Australian Made

    100% Australian made and owned.

Stay fresh, naturally

We use the finest natural ingredients, to ensure you stay fresh and feel confident.

Our Ingredients

Need proof? Here's what other sweaty people have to say.

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New to natural deodorant and have a question? Welcome to Arluka, we'll do our best to answer your questions. If you can't find what you're looking for, reach out via our contact form, we'd love to help!

Does it actually work?

Yes! Our Aluminium free deodorants are highly effective at controlling body odour. Personally, I find them far more effective than all the regular antiperspirants I’ve tried over the years.

Having said that, not all products are created equal. There’s plenty of deodorants on the market, both natural and aluminium based that aren’t particularly effective. If you've had a bad experience in the past don’t give up, there are some great chemical free products on the market that are highly effective.

Is It Aluminium free?


How does it differ from regular antiperspirant?

The key difference between Arluka deodorants and regular antiperspirant is that our is made using ingredients such as coconut oil, tapioca starch, sodium bicarbonate and magnesium hydroxide. Antiperspirant typically utilises aluminium compounds along with a host of synthetic cosmetic ingredients that often contain parabens and Phthalates, chemical stabilisers and preservatives.

From an efficacy point of view both natural and regular deodorants can be highly effective at preventing and managing body odour. One key point of difference is that natural alternatives won’t stop you from sweating. Antiperspirant does this by blocking your pores with aluminium compounds.

What are the benefits?

The main benefit of using Arluka Deodorants is a reduction in exposure to potentially harmful ingredients. The long term safety of applying chemicals and aluminium on your body has been called to question. By choosing a natural option you can control body odour effectively using plant derived ingredients.

According to Dr Benjamin Chan "Too much aluminium in your body can cause bone diseases or dementia”. And some studies such as this one suggest a link between applying aluminium  to the armpits and breast cancer. Describing aluminium as “capable of causing both DNA alterations and epigenetic effects… consistent with a potential role in breast cancer”.

While the jury is still out on the long term consequences of such chemical exposures, we don't think it's worth the risk when Aluminium free alternatives work just as well.

How often do I need to reapply? 

How often you need to reapply Arluka depends on how pungent your body odour is and your level of activity. A really heavy sweater who’s prone to bad body odour may find the need to reapply multiple times each day. For the average person though applying to clean, dry armpits once each day will keep you odour free.

Does it help with excessive sweating?

It's not an antiperspirant, so won’t stop excessive sweating. It will however eliminate the smell associated with sweat. If your goal is to reduce excessive sweating a high strength antiperspirant may be ideal for you. If you’d prefer to avoid aluminium and don’t mind a little sweat, then give Arluka a shot!

Can I use it during workouts and intense physical activity?

Absolutely! A lot of our customers are athletic and find our product effective during workouts and intense physical activity. By using natural ingredients to control bacterial overgrowth in your underarms natural deodorant will keep you odour free as you exercise.

Is it suitable for men and women?

Yes, our deodorant is unisex. Regardless of whether you're seeking natural deodorant for women or natural deodorant for men, Arluka is unisex.