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Body odour, you don't want it, neither do we. That's why we crafted our Australian natural deodorant so you can say goodbye to toxic antiperspirants and kick B.O. Arluka natural deodorant is a super smooth cream that goes on light and stays put for all day odour protection. Let's kick B.O Australia.


Stay natural Australia

  • Suitable for heavy sweaters, athletes, men, women and teens
  • Stop your body odour by killing odour causing bacteria
  • Reduce your exposure to toxins in regular antiperspirant
  • Works all day long, there's no need to reapply
  • Nourish your armpits for naturally healthy skin
  • Reduce your use of plastic
  • Vegan and cruelty free
  • Handmade in Australia
Australian natural deodorant to eliminate body odour

Eliminate Body Odour

This stuff works, really, really well. Experience fresh armpits, all day, every day.

Aluminium free, bicarb free Australian natural deodorant

No Bicarb. No Nasties

100% natural. Bicarb free, aluminium free, paraben free, synthetic fragrance free

Australian natural deodorant with satisfaction guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee

if your pits aren’t happy we’ll give you a refund. No fuss, no disappointed pits.

Natural Deodorant Australia




60g of Australian Natural Deodorant

Lemon Myrtle Australian natural deodorant

Lemon Myrtle

Great for men and women.

A light refreshing blend of the Australian native lemon myrtle with hints of zesty lime and uplifting bergamot. 

unscented Australian natural deodorant


Great for men and women.

Sensitive to essential oils or prefer unscented products? Sans is for you. The same great recipe with no essential oils.


(they smell great too)

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lilly Vanges
The best natural deodorant.

This is my third purchase and it won't be my last. I'm in love with Arluka deodorant.

Sarah H.
I'm surprised by how well it works!

It works sooo well I only need to apply it every two days. Super excited to have found this deodorant!!!

Kelly Lamberg
Wonderful stuff!

Great deodorant. The smells are nice and it lasts all day long. Highly recommended.

My go to natural deodorant

I love this stuff, it works so well and doesn't irritate me. I fear running out, please never stop making it!

Penny K.
I like this deodorant a lot.

I have tried different natural deodorants before however found that the either didn't work, or they contained bicarb which made my armpits red and itchy.
I saw Arluka deodorant on my facebook feed and thought I would trial it. It's working really well so far and after 3 weeks there is still no irritation. I will keep using it and hope it doesn't cause irritation long term because it's really effective.

Natural deodorant cream on woman's finger


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What is Arluka natural deodorant?

Arluka natural deodorant is a blend of cold pressed carrier oils, bentonite clay, tapioca starch, magnesium hydroxide, beeswax and 100% pure essential oils. These ingredients have been expertly blended into our Australian natural deodorant and are designed to be used daily to stop body odour causing bacteria.

Should I use Australian natural deodorant?

Well, if you're an Australian looking to control your body odour then our Australian natural deodorant is a great place to start. Our deodorant is suitable for men, women and teens. Our deodorant has been produced using only the finest 100% natural ingredients. We still recommend that you conduct a small patch test at least 24-48 hours prior to full use.

How will your natural deodorant benefit me?

It's pretty simple really, you won't stink! As an added bonus you won't be exposing yourself to dubious chemicals such as aluminium salts, parabens, phthalates, triclosan and synthetic fragrances.

When should I start using natural deodorant?

Now! However we don’t recommend applying deodorant to freshly shaved pits. If you can try to shave at night and apply deodorant in the morning.

When is the best time to apply your Australian natural deodorant?

Immediately following a shower is the best time to apply natural deodorant. Give your armpits a light dry with a towel and apply to each armpit. Wait a couple of minutes for it to absorb before getting dressed and you're ready to conquer your day odour free.

How often should I apply natural deodorant?

Our natural deodorant is designed to be applied daily for best results in the harsh Australian heat. If you're not a smelly person or if you're indoors most of the day you may find that you only need to apply it once every few days to stay odour free. If required you can apply it twice per day, but there really shouldn't be a need.

Do your natural deodorants contain any sulphates, aluminium, petrochemicals, artificial fragrances or palm oil?

No, no, no, no & no. All of our products, including our Australian natural deodorants are 100% toxic chemical free and do not contain any of those nasties.

Do you test your deodorant on animals?

We never test our products on animals, only sweaty, consenting Australians.

Do you use fragrances in your natural deodorant?

No! All of natural deodorants are lightly perfumed with 100% Essential Oils, which not only smell amazing but also have added therapeutic benefits.

Is your natural deodorant packaging recyclable?

Yes! And even better it’s plastic free … and so is the packaging we send it to you in. A big win for Australia & Mother Nature!

Are your deodorants safe for children?

Although our products are 100% natural and toxin free, they do contain essential oils (suitably diluted in carrier oils). Some essential oils are not recommended for use on young children, particularly those under the age of five. We recommend that you keep your beautiful products out of reach from children and fur-babies.

Is your natural deodorant safe for pregnant and nursing mothers?

Although our products are 100% natural and toxin free, some essential oils are not recommended for pregnant women or nursing mothers. We would recommend that you consult your GP or opt for our unscented natural deodorant called Sans.

After using one of your natural deodorants I have noticed a small rash under my armpit. Why is that?

Everyone’s skin is different, and some are more sensitive to others. Check out our blog about armpit rash here. Please undertake a patch test before using our products and discontinue use if the rash persists.

Is your natural deodorant gluten free?


I noticed that my new deodorant is a little different to my last batch - has your recipe changed?

All of our natural deodorants are handmade in small batches using only 100% natural ingredients. As such small variations in consistency, strength and fragrance may occur between batches. This is a natural part of our production process and will not affect the efficacy of the product.

My natural deodorant has turned to liquid! What do I do?

Not to worry, Our deodorant has great temperature stability however because they are 100% natural they may liquify at high temperatures. We recommend storing your natural deodorant in a cool dark place under 30 degrees. To restore your deodorant to a more solid consistency, pop it into the fridge for 15 minutes. Your natural deodorant is no less effective in combating B.O in its liquid form! 

My natural deodorant has gone hard. Why is that?

Some parts of Australia can get pretty cold, which means the natural oils used in our deodorant can harden a little. Not to worry, just scoop a small amount out and rub it between your fingers to warm it up before applying as usual.

Why aren't my armpits as dry as they are with store bought antiperspirant?

That’s because our products are 100% natural and do not contain any aluminium compounds used to block your pores and stop your body sweating. Sweating is your body's way of cooling down and according to some studies may help your body remove toxins including heavy metals, PCBs and BPA. We say embrace the sweat, it's a healthy and natural bodily function!

Is Arluka natural deodorant made in Australia?

Yes, our natural deodorant is 100% Australian made and owned. We hand make our deodorant in small batches in Currumbin, Australia.