Sarah’s Day Deodorant. What You MUST Know Before Buying Pitty Party.

Sarah's Day deodorant, Pitty Party Review

Sarah’s Day deodorant by La’Bang body is an Australian-made natural deodorant. Available in Coconut & Lime or Lychee & Vanilla. Sounds tasty.
Let’s take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. So you can make an informed decision before dropping $16.95 on Sarahs Day Pitty Party deodorant.

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Why You Should Switch To Natural Deodorant

Sarah’s Day deodorant is a step in the right direction.

Regular deodorant and antiperspirant contain ingredients best avoided. Switching to an all-natural deodorant like Sarah's day or Wild allows you to reduce your exposure to these.

One such ingredient, Aluminium.

"Aluminium is known to have a genotoxic profile, capable of causing both DNA alterations and epigenetic effects, and this would be consistent with a potential role in breast cancer" 

A study published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease supports a growing body of research that links human exposure to aluminum with Alzheimer's disease.
The role of Aluminium based deodorant in breast cancer has also been called to question. This study suggests that Aluminium may play a role in breast cancer and that further research is required.

Avoiding Aluminium is reason enough to make the switch to natural deodorant. But the nasties don’t end there.

Parabens and synthetic fragrances have also been linked to possible health issues. Again, long-term studies are required to fully understand the risks. Many mainstream deodorants contain parabens and synthetic fragrances. 

Learn more about toxic chemicals in deodorant here.

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Sarah’s Day Deodorant helps you avoid chemicals. Tick. 

Switching to Sarah’s Day deodorant reduces your exposure to chemicals. Any quality natural deodorant will accomplish this. 

Science can't say for certain that aluminium and other chemicals in regular deodorant are 100% safe. In my opinion it simply doesn’t make sense to continue using them on your body.

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Things to love about Sarah’s Day Deodorant

  • 100% Natural
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty Free 
  • Aluminium free

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 "Sodium Bicarbonate leads to red, sore, irritated armpits in many people"

Sarah’s Day Deodorant ingredients

Let’s take a look at the ingredients in Sarah’s Day pity party deodorant.

Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate (bicarb) is an effective odour fighting ingredient. Bicarb works by altering the pH of the skin to inhibit the growth of odour causing bacteria.

Bicarb is
highly effective and found in many natural deodorants. Sodium bicarbonate however isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. It can lead to red, sore, irritated armpits in many people. More on that later.

Organic Shea Butter 

Sarah’s Day Pitty Party deodorant uses shea butter as a carrier for the active ingredient, bicarb. Shea butter is safe, nourishing, and helps reduce inflammation.

Organic Coconut Oil

Sarah’s day deodorant uses coconut oil as a carrier for the bicarb. Coconut oil is great for the skin. It’s natural, safe, and antimicrobial, helping further reduce body odour.

Kaolin Clay

Kaolin Clay is a common natural deodorant ingredient. It is used to absorb sweat to help keep armpits dry.


Organic Arrowroot Powder

Sarah’s Day deodorant makes use of Arrowroot powder. Another common natural deodorant ingredient, Arrowroot powder is used to absorb sweat. It is safe, natural, and helps keep you dry.


Lime Essential Oil (Coconut & Lime Scent) 

Lime essential oil smells great. it’s a favourite at Arluka and found in Arluka natural deodorant. Lime essential oil smells fresh, zesty, and light. It has great antibacterial properties to help fight odour causing bacteria.


Natural Fragrance

Sarah’s Day deodorant uses natural fragrance in both the Coconut & Lime and Lychee & Vanilla scents. Ingredients contained within fragrances do not need to be listed. This makes it difficult to know whether a natural fragrance is 100% free of nasties.


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The Bad

Sarah’s Day Pitty Party deodorant has a good list of effective and natural ingredients. At face value, there’s not a lot to dislike. It could be better though.

Here’s what we don’t like:


Sodium Bicarbonate (bicarb)

Bicarb is a common natural deodorant ingredient. In fact we use it in our own formula. The issue is with how much sodium bicarbonate Sarah’s Day deodorant is using.

This brings us to the ugly side of Pitty Party deodorant.


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The Ugly

 "There's one major issue with Sarah's Day deodorant. And that's bicarb"

Looks like a winner? Not so fast. There’s one major issue with Sarah’s Day deodorant. And that’s bicarb. Yes, bicarb is safe, natural, and effective. When used in appropriate amounts it can be a great addition to natural deodorant.
The issue we have with Sarah’s Day deodorant is the amount of bicarb. Sodium Bicarbonate is listed as the first ingredient. This means Pity Party deodorant contains more sodium bicarbonate than any other ingredient. Oh no.

We spent a year formulating our Lemon myrtle & Bergamot natural deodorant. We tried high bicarb. And no bicarb. We tested it against other products on the market. Here’s what we learned about bicarb:
  1. High levels of bicarb aren’t required in a well-formulated product
  2. Sodium bicarb is the leading cause of rash, irritation, and sore armpits caused by using natural deodorant.
  3. High levels of bicarb cause rash and irritation in a lot of people. It's common unfortunately.
    Sarah’s Day deodorant contains a lot of bicarb. In our experience, this will increase the chance of experiencing red, irritated armpits.

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    Sarah’s Day Deodorant user experiences

    It’s difficult to gauge the average customer's experience with Sarah’s Day Pitty Party. The La’Bang body website doesn’t contain any customer reviews, which isn’t ideal.

    There's a number of comments floating around by customers who had a bad reaction to Pitty Party. With the amount of bicarb it contains this comes as no surprise.

    my horror story

    My horror story - Sarah's Day "pitty party" natural deodorant

    Google ‘Sarah’s Day Deodorant’. The third result is a reddit post entitled my horror story - Sarah’s Day “Pitty Party” natural deodorant.
    That title doesn’t sound great, let’s find out what it’s all about. Here’s a summary of the original posters experience:
    • She experienced a small amount of irritation when she started using Sarah's Day deodorant.
    • She shaved her armpits. Applied deodorant and experienced very red, irritated armpits. 
    • After allowing 72 hours for the rash to settle the customer begins using the deodorant again.
    • She experiences a rash so bad that her armpit skin is peeling
    • She continues using it for a further 3 months, the rash and skin peeling persists.
      There is obviously a couple of mistakes made by the customer.
      • She shouldn’t have used it immediately after shaving. It's best to wait 48 hours to let the skin settle.
      • She shouldn’t have persisted with using the deodorant for so long when it was causing a rash and peeling skin.

      The thing is, many articles about natural deodorant will tell you there may be an adjustment period. That your armpits need to detox and the rash is a good thing.

      In our experience, if a natural deodorant causes a rash or irritation you should stop using it. It’s not the right formulation for your skin so move on to another product.

      Other customers have had a similar experience with Sarah's Day deodorant.
      Comments on the Reddit post. Comments on Youtube reviews. It's clear that some people experience a rash from it.

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      It’s not just Sarah’s Day Deodorant. It’s bicarb

      Natural deodorant that contains high levels of bicarb will cause rash and irritation in some people. Bicarb is alkaline. Excessive amounts are very harsh on the skin.
      Many people will be fine with high levels of bicarb. Some will get a rash.

      Irritation may not begin immediately. It's common for the armpits to become irritated with long-term use.

      If you're using a natural deodorant and you start experiencing a rash check the label for Sodium Bicarbonate. If it's high on the ingredients list It's a likely cause of your irritation.

      It's important to note that bicarb is not always the cause of rash. Some products such as Kopari coconut deodorant don't contain bicarb. Yet still cause a rash in sensitive people. Regardless, if a deodorant is causing a rash discontinue using it.

      the verdict

      The verdict

      Used natural deodorant with high levels of sodium bicarbonate before? Know your body is ok with it? Sarah’s Day deodorant may work well for you.

      Experienced irritation from bicarb based natural deodorant in the past? You’re best to steer clear of Sarahs Day deodorant.


      new to natural deodorant

      UPDATE: August 2021

      It looks like La'Bang Body have listened to the issues their customers have encountered with rash and irritation. They have now released a bi-carb free version of Sarah's Day deodorant utilising the active ingredients Magnesium Hydroxide and Zinc Ricinoleate. 

      We haven't personally tested Sarah's Day bicarb free so can't vouce for it's effectiveness. It's great to see that they have an option available now for sensitive individuals and those who simply can't tolerate the high level of bicarb in the original blend.

      new to natural deodorant

      Experienced irritation from bicarb based natural deodorant in the past? You’re best to steer clear of Sarahs Day original deodorant.

      New to natural deodorant?

      If you are new to natural deodorant the safest choice is to try a deodorant with lower levels of bicarb. Once you know your body tolerates it you can try higher levels should you feel the need.

      Natural deodorant really doesn’t need so much bicarb. Active ingredients such as Magnesium Hydroxide do a great job at controlling body odour. And high levels of bicarb aren’t necessary. 

      We don't love the use of fragrance either.  Oh, and it's gritty. The experience of using it isn't as nice as it could be.
      If you know you tolerate high amounts of bicarb then Sarah's Day deodorant may be very effective for you. For most people, there are other natural deodorants I would recommend over Sarah's Day.


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